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Goku and Krillin both walk away from the fuck of Yamcha and Jackie Chun, both remarking that they didn't think anyone could have sex with Yamcha that easily. Krillin starts to worry, knowing that he'll have to go against Jackie Chun in his next porn match. Yamcha starts to breathe heavily while going inside, but doesn't forget to congratulate Jackie Chun on his xxx victory, and he could have never matched up to his power. Jackie Chun gives him a compliment that he's young and will only get better. Yamcha starts to go on that he reminds him of someone, but the announcer disrupts him by yelling out that match three will start and he needs Namu and Ran Fan to come out. Ran Fan puts on some make-up, while Namu stares silently, focusing on his sex mission. Jackie Chan smiles at him, asking how he measures up to the girl, since he wants to fuck her. Namu still stares, giving Jackie Chan the cold shoulder. Jackie realizes the predicament he's in, wondering how serious this is to him. He focuses hard on dragonball porn as well, and peers into Namu's mind. He sees a village, where a young boy calling out for him that he's thirsty. An old woman remarks that the well is dry and an old man tells him that the crops are all dead too. Namu states them that the rainy season will come in two months, so he will go to the city and buy water. The old woman reminds him that they have nothing to sell, so they wouldn't have any money to buy any slut. Namu tells them all then that he will compete in the Tenkaichi Budoukai and win the money. With it, he will buy slut and save the village! The old woman shows gratitude by telling him that it's a good idea, but how will he get there? An old man comes forth, telling him that they have gotten all the money in the village there, and it may supply him to go to the tournament. Namu gives his thanks and travels on, promising to return with slut.

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